Biomed and health careers have highest anticipated growth

According to the US Department of Labor’s bi-annual Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH), biomedical engineering tops largest potential job growth through 2018 at 72%.  Also on the list are a number of biotech and medical careers, listed below:

Future Job Growth
Occupations with the largest percentage growth expected through 2018:
• Biomedical Engineers 72%
• Network Systems Analysts 53%
• Home Health Aides 50%
• Personal, Home-Care Aides 46%
• Financial Examiners 41%
• Medical Scientists 40%
• Physician Assistants 39%
• Skin-Care Specialists 38%
• Biochemists, Biophysicists 37%
• Athletic Trainers 37%

So for all of you in high school and college contemplating  you potential major, consider health career and biotech.  Check out the full article and the OOH for more info.

VIA Yahoo! Finance, The Wall Street Journal, and the Occupational Outlook Handbook (Dept. of Labor)

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