biomedPULSE Beat - Top News: Labor Day Weekend 9/3/10-9/6/10

We hope all of our US readers had a great Labor Day weekend.  Here is a quick snapshot of all the top stories from the past few days:

Novel Nanotechnology Collaboration Leads To Breakthrough In Cancer Research (Medical News Today) - A multidisciplinary team at UCLA is working on modifying viruses for use in gene therapy

Snake Fangs Inspire Airway Device Start-up (MassDevice) - Medical and university students develop a startup company developing innovative intubation techniques for emergency situations to be used by EMTs and ER staff.

Reports of Narcolepsy in Europe Following Vaccination with Pandemrix™[H1N1 Vaccine] (PharmaNews.edu) - The European Medicines Agency had been informed of possible cases of narcolepsy (a sudden sleep disorder) associated with the H1N1 vaccine.

Magic Mushroom Ingredient Psilocybin Improves Late Stage Cancer Anxiety (Medical News Today) - A new study finds that the hallucinogen psilocybin found in some mushrooms has been found to have positive effects on mood for patients with advanced-stage cancer and anxiety.

Coming Soon: Theaters, Airplanes to Post Calories (Wall Street Journal) - The FDA released preliminay guidelines requiring establishments such as food courts, movie theateres, and airline food to adhere to new nutrition reporting requirements

Low Grades in Adolescence Linked to Dopamine Genes (EurekAlert) - New research at Florida State finds a link between three dopamine genes and academic performance

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