biomedPULSE Beat - Today's Top News: 8/30/10

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Potential Hereditary Factors in Prostate Cancer (Medscape) - Men whose brothers have prostate cancer have a higher risk of prostate cancer according to Swedish researchers.

Can't Part With the Pediatrician (Wall St. Journal - Health) - Parents and young adults are reluctant to leave their pediatrician

Medicare Expands Coverage to Help Smokers Quit (Associated Press) - Smoking-related illnesses are expected to cost Medicare $800 Billion 1995-2015 prompting coverage for smoking cessation.  

Salmonella is No Danger to Vaccines (Wall St. Journal) - Consumers worried about vaccines after nationwide egg recalls are assured by the FDA and vaccine producers that vaccines produced in eggs will not cause salmonella in patients.

Almost 1 in 3 First-Time Deliveries Now Via C-Section (Bloomberg) - Some experts are concerned as the rate of first-time deliveries via C-section has increased by more than 50%, and sometimes unnecessarily.

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